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We manage records of announcements of upcoming conferences and information files about past conferences. See the files UpcomingConferences.ttl and PastConferences.ttl in the repository.

We maintain also a list of Conference Series aligned with the [ SIGSAM Conference Series] list. See the file ConferenceSeries.ttl in the repository.

Used ontologies:

Conferences are modeled as sd:Conference resp. sd:UpcomingConference with predicates

Conference venue

  • rdfs:label
  • ical:dtstart xsd:date
  • ical:dtend xsd:date
  • ical:location Literal - location of the conference
  • ical:description Literal - a description of the conference
  • ical:url URI - URL of the conference
  • sd:toConferenceSeries sd:ConferenceSeries

Deadlines (upcoming conferences only)

  • sd:hasAbstractsDeadline xsd:date
  • sd:hasEarlyRegistrationDeadline xsd:date
  • sd:hasPaperDeadline xsd:date
  • sd:hasRegistrationDeadline xsd:date

People involved with the conference

  • ical:contact sd:Person
  • sd:hasGeneralChair sd:Person
  • sd:hasOrganizers sd:Person
  • sd:hasProgramChair sd:Person
  • sd:hasProgramCommittee sd:Person
  • sd:invitedSpeakers sd:Person

Additional information (past conferences only)

  • sd:hasCARReport Literal - reference to a conference report in the CA Rundbrief of the German Fachgruppe
  • sd:hasDetailedRecord URI - a detailed record about the conference using the swc ontology

Conference Series

  • rdfs:label
  • sd:description Literal - short description of the conference series
  • sd:publicationRules Literal - short description about the publication rules of the conference series
  • sd:hasURL URL - URL of the conference series
  • rdfs:seeAlso URL - URL of the conference series in the SIGSAM Conference List for additional information.

We use <> as namespace prefix for Conferences followed by a well established shortcut of the conference and <> as namespace prefix for Conference Series followed by a well established shortcut of the series as naming schemes.