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Dissertations in Computer Algebra

Used ontologies:

Data Model

Dissertations are modeled as bibo:Thesis. The naming scheme is <author_year> (e.g. Mueller_12) where author is the full surname transformed to true ASCII strings.


  • bibo:degree bibo:ThesisDegree - The thesis degree (bibo_degrees:phd or bibo_degrees:habil)
  • bibo:institution Literal - The institution where the thesis was supervised.
  • dct:abstract - Reference where the thesis abstract was published (mainly CA Rundbrief)
  • dct:creator sd:Person - Thesis author
  • dct:title Literal - Thesis title
  • dct:date xsd:year - Date of thesis submission
  • sd:hasURL - URL of the thesis
  • sd:hasSupervisor sd:Person - Supervisor(s) of the thesis
  • sd:hasReviewer sd:Person - Reviewer(s) of the thesis

Structure of the Data

  • See the files Dissertations.ttl and ThesisOntology.ttl (partial description of our application of the bibo ontology) in the repository.
  • The Dissertations Knowledge Base for download and as Linked Data.
  • The Thesis Ontology for download.
  • The presentation of the data within the CASN Demonstration Site.