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July 30, 2014 - Workshop on SymbolicData and Related Activities in Leipzig.

We invited for another Workshop to discuss progress and prospects of the SymbolicData Project and Related Activities. This Workshop was also the final milestone of the work done within the E-Science Benchmarking Project.

The Workshop took place in room P-702 in the main building (Paulinum) of the Leipzig University, Augustusplatz 10, 04109 Leipzig.


  • Hans-Gert Gräbe, Simon Johanning (Leipzig, local organization)
  • Wolfram Sperber, Uwe Schöneberg (Zentralblatt Mathematik Berlin, swMath project)


Since all workshop participants met already six weeks before at the CICM-14 Conference in Coimbra (Portugal) there was no need to give an overview on the achievements within the SymbolicData project once more, and we concentrated on a discussion of

  • current advances of SymbolicData within the last two months,
  • the major development lines within Mathematical Knowledge Management (MKM) and
  • possible further common efforts.

Advances of SymbolicData within the last two months:

  • We extracted more information about people involved with CA from different sources, mainly from the CICM-14 papers and talks and updated the SD People database. It contains upto now 520 foaf:Person entries as a basis for common efforts with the ZBMath towards author disambiguation. Wolfram Sperber and Uwe Schöneberg used ZBMath search facility to find about 340 matching entries within the ZBMath authors database. Another web availability check ruled out 40 of them. Hence there is a reliable alignment of about 60% of the people within the SD database with the ZBMath authors database.
  • Within the Computer Algebra Social Network (CASN) we report already for a while about upcoming conferences. With CICM-14 as use case we started a discussion about a detailed decentral presentation of the results of past conferences (tracks, chairs, talks, papers; see CICM-14.rdf for the current state of the art) along Linked Data principles and also started to collect more comprehensive Conference Reports within the CASN database.

Development lines within MKM:

  • Wolfram Sperber reported about efforts towards a General Digital Mathematical Library (GDML) both at a global and European level. The general impression is that decision meeting people are convinced that a relevant part of the mathematical heritage is digitized, but retrieval of mathematical objects (in particular using appropriately interlinked meta information) is yet at the very beginning. The European DML Project ended in January 2014, a report on the global situation was published by the American National Research Council in May 2014 and will be discussed at the ICM 2014 in Seoul and also at the IuK Workshop during the DMV annual 2014 meeting.
    • EUDML makes the mathematics literature published in Europe available online, in the form of an enduring digital collection, developed and maintained by a network of institutions ...
    • Report of the National Research Council. Developing a 21st Century Global Library for Mathematics Research. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2014.
  • There are other projects in strong cooperation with ZBMath, in particular the MathSearch Project and related work of M. Kohlhase and his group.

Possible future work:

  • Provide more relational information about papers and software (within the swmath database). For this it would be interesting to evaluate the papers in the Journal of Software for Algebra and Geometry under such a perspective. In particular this is a good use case better to understand issues about referring to versions of software.
  • Present our idea of a Computer Algebra Social Network at the IuK Workshop during the DMV annual 2014 meeting.