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Frequently asked Questions about SD

Question: Do you provide Linked Open Data in RDF format?

Answer: Yes, we

Question: RDF is about resource descriptions. What's about resources?

Answer: The SymbolicData RDF store links both to

  • centrally stored resources in a flat XML syntax (in particular about Polynomial Systems, Free Algebras and G-Algebras) managed by the SymbolicData team itself,
  • to foreign resources in different formats (part of the data collected within the polymake project) and
  • started to collect resources also in non-XML formats used within the communities (data from the normaliz project).

Centrally maintained data is available for download not only from our web site but can also be cloned from our github data repo.

Question: How do you link resources and resource descriptions?

Answer: Through fingerprints, a concept explained in more detail in our paper in Computeralgebra-Rundbrief 55 (October 2014)

Question: How to set up a Local Sparql Endpoint?

Answer: Look at our wiki page LocalSparqlEndpoint.