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Related Activities

  • swMATH (see CAR 51, Oct. 2012)
    • swMATH is a freely accessible, innovative information service for mathematical software. swMATH not only provides access to an extensive database of information on mathematical software, but also includes a systematic linking of software packages with relevant mathematical publications.
  • The lmonade project (Burcin Erocal)
  • PoCab, a project presented by a team from Uni Bonn. It is a collection of examples from, e.g., ODEs from different application fields as Biotechnics.
  • QaoS - Querying Algebraic Objects System
    • QaoS is the attempt to provide a uniform interface to various categories of algebraic objects. Currently we concentrate our efforts on objects arising in number theory.

Johannes Waldmann (2012-12-05) reported about projects on benchmarks and competitions in

and mentions the recent "grand unified" execution platform effort