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The SymbolicData Project Wiki

This wiki moved to https://symbolicdata.github.io. This instance is for referential convenience only and will no more be maintained.
Don't hesitate to post all questions about using SymbolicData Tools and Data on the SymbolicData Mailing List to help us to improve our presentation.

Main goals

The SymbolicData Project aims at two main goals:

  • to unify efforts to collect digital data for profiling, testing and benchmarking Computer Algebra Software from various Symbolic Computation Communities together with concepts, tools and experience for their management both globally and also for special profiling, testing and benchmarking purposes at a local site.
  • to promote a network of repositories of Symbolic Computation digital data and related information from different areas of Computer Algebra that can evolve to a digitally supported Distributed Computer Algebra Social Network.



At the moment the project hosts data and metadata from the following communities within Symbolic Computing

The project manages additional Data:

Experimental data (work in progress):

CASN - Towards a Computer Algebra Social Network

  • Conferences - data bases of upcoming and past conferences, see also the SD info page.
  • Mailing lists symbolicdata (news within the SymbolicData project) and sd-announce (retweet of announcements to reference them in RDF News from the public archive of the list)
  • News - The CA News Channel
  • People - People working in the CA area (mainly extracted from conference announcements and conference reports), see also the SD info page.
    • In progress: Author Ambiguation and Research Data References
  • Dissertations - Reports about dissertations in the CA area (mainly extracted from the Rundbrief of the German Fachgruppe, to be aligned with other sources), see also the SD info page.
    • To be extended by reports from SIGSAM.

Related Activities